Currently NWI Service League is an ‘invitation only’ organization. Any potential member must be invited to join by an Active member in good standing. The nominee is then voted on by secret ballot at a regularly scheduled business meeting and is then notified of the decision by mail. Please feel free to contact us via email, our mailing address, or our Facebook page.

Service League Members 2019-2019


President, Gloria Morris

Vice-President, Vanessa Jacobs

Recording Secretary, Heather Delgado

Corresponding Secretary, Paru Venkat

Treasurer, Katie Fesko

Service League Members 2019-2020

Anna Akan

Amanda Broomhead

Michelle Bouwer

Eileen Chang

Monique Cmejrek

Melissa Schrage Contrucci

Heather Delgado

Nichole DeMario

Pam Dovellos

Katie Fesko

Nancy Gross

Renee Gross

Amy Han

Vanessa Jacobs

Maria Layous

Heather Levin

Ginger Levitan

Kelly Manous

Michele Massow

Ayesha Mohiuddin

Gloria Morris

Shannon O’Brien

Kris Pereira

Luci Pinkus

Brenda Richter

Dana Rifai

Marla Schwartz

Desiree Stoffregen

Paru Venkat     

Jenny Yalowitz