See an item that needs a change?  Complete the following change request process by

Tuesday, February 27, 2018!


Step One: Click here to review list of auction itemsFind your items and review them very carefully.  If they are fine as is, no action is needed.  If there are changes that need to be made, please fill out the form below. DO NOT EMAIL OR TEXT CHANGES PLEASE. 

Step Two: Complete this form carefully for your items, this information will automatically print to the sheets that will be framed. 

Your Name *
Your Name
If you are service league member or donor, please tell us who is requesting a change to an item.
List the Item Number that needs to be changed
This exact text will be listed on the item when framed and displayed. This should be detailed but brief;
What is the Fair Market Value of this item number
Must at least cover our cost to obtain the item
Who Should get credit for this item being donated? Can be an individual or a company, please list Name(s), Address, Phone if possible. This will be entered into our master donor database.
We will email a detailed letter to the donor for their records. VERY IMPORTANT to add this if possible.
Do we have the item in hand?
Does the Service League have the physical item, emailed certificate and redemption instructions?
If you have procured the item, who has it or will you be bringing it to the event personally?
How will the winner redeem this offer? Please add any details you can here.